Centurion is a leading integrated infrastructure service provider with an excellent track record of delivering complex projects in demanding environments. We have a leading position in Canada, where we are recognised as a reliable technical partner for pipeline and infrastructure projects. We support customers from early-stage survey and access, through construction and maintenance, to reclamation and decommissioning. We pride ourselves on our ability to implement new technologies that enhance our customers’ performance and results through the continuous improvement in safety, quality and execution.


    • Bear Access and Environmental

    The Bear Access & Environmental offerings include forestry and vegetation management such as clearing trees for new or temporary roads, seismic exploration lines, oil and gas drilling pads, plant sites, and pipeline and power right-of-ways; logging and hauling of merchantable timber; mulching vegetation, and creating fireguards by clearing all vegetation around a perimeter of operations facilities. The Company’s early access services include temporary access roads for remote infrastructure projects; construction of ice roads and bridges in winter for seismic exploration and drilling activities; matting, vegetation management and excavation of right-of-ways for powerlines and pipelines; and wildlife monitoring in environmentally sensitive areas.

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    • Force Copps Piling

    Copps, established in 1991, is one of the largest piling contractors in Western Canada and a leading provider of deep foundation solutions to the construction industry. Copps has an industry leading reputation for execution and management of technically complex projects, and superior, timely and quality project performance. Our fleet of pile driving and related equipment is among the most technologically advanced, modern and well-maintained in Western Canada.

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    • Site Resource Group

    SITE is an integrated services contractor. We are known for our ability to deliver remote access, environmental and infrastructure construction services and maintenance across Western Canada. We implement new technologies that enhance performance and results.

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Full Services
  • Above Ground Flowlines
  • Mechanical
  • Civil Construction
  • Access & Clearing
  • Geomatics
  • Underground Pipelines
  • Fabrication
  • Piling & Foundations
  • Environmental
  • General Contracting
  • Equipment Rentals